Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Modern Screen 1950

I just found a February, 1950 Modern Screen magazine at a local thrift store today. Wow, is it packed with goodies! I'll probably spend a couple of posts delving into all of the stuff in here. For example, did you know that the ladies of the early 1950's :

  • were obsessed with douche
  • sometimes still used regular soap in their hair
  • thought the men in their lives would leave them for things like bad breath
  • were dismayed that Hollywood stars got divorced
  • measured their desirablity by how smooth their hands were
  • apparently didn't have dress sizes below 10
  • all looked like they were 35-40 years old

Hmmm. Some things have changed so much; others are just the same today as they were then. I know I'll have fun looking at all of this, and I'll try to provide lots of good scans, so that you can enjoy my little find, too!