Monday, September 17, 2007

LAF-ing at the Ladies

Oh, yeah. This is the good stuff. On Feministe, they posted about a site called "Visionary Daughters". Of course, it really should be called "Retrograde Daughters", as it deals with all of the Biblical Submissive woman stuff we know and love. They do a pretty good job of picking that particular site apart, so I'll spend my time commenting about an interesting site the "visionaries" would have us link to. It's called...get ready for it... "Ladies Against Feminism", or LAF for short.

The motto of the site is "promoting beautiful womanhood". The site is rife with Victorian clipart depicting such "beautiful ladies", and as I commented on Feministe, it leaves me wondering if they are laboring under the illusion that the Bible was written in 1880, or if perhaps they have it confused with a Harlequin romance novel. I actually find it pretty disheartening that the "submission" crowd has appropriated the Victorian Lady as the symbol for the movement, as it makes me look at my collection of period illustrations (I'm a history buff)in a much less favorable light. Looking at these pictures and reading that motto are really as far as one needs to go in order to understand the point of the site- women are meant to be pretty objects for men to control. I've all ready addressed how the Christian Discipline movement is really S&M dressed up in Bible-ese, and you can cross-apply everything I said there to the whole "submission" movement in general. This website is actually a great how-to manual for master/slave relationships.

They do go to great lengths to point out that they don't endorse abuse or cruelty, or see women as less than human, but of course all of this is firmly negated by the actual content of the site. Here are some of the "useful" tidbits I picked up from my reading:

1. Dating is really wasting time on relationships that go nowhere. If you don't plan on marrying him, what's the point? Oh, you say you enjoy dating? Silly girl- relationships aren't about enjoyment, that are about finding a good "head" to boss you around. Oh,and have baybees with. Happiness can only be found as a function of adhering slavishly to what the Bible may have/may have not said about the role of women. THE END.

2.A woman's role is as a "helpmeet". A helpmeet's (is that even a word?!)job is to help her husband. Period. Women with ambition need not apply. It's empowering to be this kind of woman, don't you know? You need to pray for the inspiration to be the best slave... er... helpmeet you can be. And if something happens to your husband, and he no longer wants your help, or if he dies? Well, I guess you can pray for God to take you away real soon, too, because women are obviously just not cut out to lead.

3. Modesty is FUN! Yeah! Evil "feminists" want you to shed your clothes, but the real cool kids are daring to keep it all on! It's so fun to try to meet the moving target of "modesty", which is "so much more than denim jumpers". Although, if it is your Godly husband who is telling you to put on the saucy little jumper that reveals all that ankle, is it really immodesty, or just wifely duty?

4.Women who are TOO involved with the church risk "feminizing" it! Oh Noes! Men aren't as religious as women, studies show. Obviously, this is the women's fault. If men don't take back their role as head of everything, women are going to take over, declare themselves competent to lead, and you know what that means... The gays are sure to follow!

So what have we learned today? Women are property. You don't shop around for your owner, your owner shops around for you. If you get lucky, you'll get a good Christian owner who leads with compassion. If not, well, that's God's plan, too.(Women's)Bodies are bad, because other people may look at them with "impure" thoughts,and should be covered, unless, of course, your "head" says otherwise. Femininity is a virtue, and obviously leads to increased devotion to religion, but it isn't good for the church (!?), and should be avoided there at all costs. War is peace, love is hate, lies are truth... Oh, wait. That's Nineteen Eighty-Four again. Silly me. I always get Big Brother/Patriarchal God mixed up.

That feminism stuff, you know, the idea that women are people too, really IS bad, isn't it ladies. Thanks for the heads up.


belledame222 said...

Ouch! Gullible me, it took me a minute to realize that was 1) a Harlequin cover and 2) a photoshop.

well, to be fair, these peoples' Freudian slips are often not only showing but puddled wantonly around their ankles