Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't They Ever Get Tired of Saying "Pregnant Woman" In the Jessie Davis Case?

In case you haven't heard, a 26 year old woman named Jessie Davis was murdered in Ohio. Apparently, she was abducted from her home, and the only witness was her terrified two-year-old son. Predictably, her boyfriend is the main suspect, and has been arrested.

Oh, yeah. Ms. Davis was pregnant at the time of her slaying.

Now, the very fact that this woman was abducted from her home in the middle of the night, after a struggle, in front of a terrified child, makes this a fairly shocking story for me. Apparently, to the people who write news headlines, the only relevant fact was her pregnancy. "Autopsy Reveals Body Is Missing Mom", "New Arrest In Death Of Pregnant Woman", "Pregnant Woman Missing"- you get the picture. All of the headlines seem to point to the only relevant fact in the case being the fact that Ms. Davis was 8 months pregnant. Yes, that she was pregnant is a relevant fact, worthy of note in the article(s) about her dissapearance and murder. But, wouldn't this be newsworthy without that fact, too? The headlines seem to suggest otherwise.

Women are walking uteri, and only the contents of that organ are of any consequence. I see this being Laci Petersen, Part II. Who cares about the vibrant young woman who was murdered, or the sad things these cases say about domestic abuse and assault? Its all about the right of the fetus! Let's protect those fetuses! Women ARE important- as fetus carriers! Let's throw the book at the murderer(s), not because of the slaying of a woman, but to send a message to would-be murderers to find non-pregnant victims, 'cause we mean BUSINESS when it comes to fetuses! Long live the fetus!

If only Ms. Davis' (female) fetus had been saved, it could have grown up to be a fetus carrier some day, too! What a waste of a life.



Christina said...

Sure. Juxtapose the coverage (voluminous)of the Jesse Davis case against the coverage of Nancy Benoit (non-existent except as object).

That tells you everything you need to know.

GreenSmile said...

you are supposed to get more upset and enraged if the victim is pregnant...and I am convinced the paycheck for newswriters is based on the presumed provocation of the content...I'd call it the Fox Formula. Remember Lacy Peterson?

Its also a grabber for the right-to-life crowd. Their president made sure every penalty for accidentally killing a fetus that has been put on the federal books was also made part of the regulations for courts martial. [did you know that what is or is not "legal" for armed services personnel is entirely a matter of the president's say-so?]